Gioele Crispo


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Hi! I'm Gioele Crispo,

a computer engineer, technology enthusiast and electronic expert since childhood.

I graduated with honors in Computer Engineering and I am actively collaborating with my University on interesting topics.

Today I work as Software Development and Machine Learning Engineer; I am team leader and I also design innovative solutions and architectures, addressing them at 360 degrees, with an eye to DevOps, Cloud Architecting and Web technologies.

I pursue a number of personal projects, participate to hackathons and contribute to open source software. My other hobbies include electronics, photography, graphics, videogames and music.


Gioele Crispo


Salerno, Italy


19 Jun 1993



Works and Experiences

Cloud & Data Engineer
UBS · Zurich (Switzerland)

May 2023 - now

Cloud and Data Engineer focused on NLP.
I developed with a team of 10+ people a Search Engine and an AI Assistant for lawyers and legal experts. I take care of the software engineering and the architectural part on Azure (cloud).
I take care of the release managament of the product, ensuring security and compliance policies.
Interaction with customers and business partners; participation to Hackathon and innovation workshops.

Main achievements:

• I designed and implemented a custom text chunker to improve text segmentation and accuracy on the search engine.

• I designed and implemented a custom Langchain Memory class for an improved semantic context management of the AI Assistant

• One of the 10 finalists (out of 237 teams) participating in the Internal Hackathon

Impact of Writing Order Recovery in Automatic Signature Verification
June 2022 · Conference: 20th Conference of the International Graphonomics Society (IGS2021) At: Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spain
Moises Diaz · Gioele Crispo · Antonio Parziale · Angelo Marcelli · Miguel A. Ferrer
Writing Order Recovery in Complex and Long Static Handwriting
March 2021 · International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence – IJIMAI
Moises Diaz · Gioele Crispo · Antonio Parziale · Angelo Marcelli · Miguel A. Ferrer
Data Science — with AI Frameworks, numpy, pandas, g-unicorn, aiohttp, Flask and others for making microservices
Backend and Frontend — NodeJS, VueJS; use of NodeJS to create NodeVM sandboxed microservices in javascript